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Posted on Oct 24

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Location: Minneapolis, MN
Job Type: Contract
Job ID: W4145156

The MVAHCS Integrative Health Program (IHP) has a requirement to provide Integrative Health Services including integrative nutrition, acupuncture, health coaching, movement therapies (yoga/Tai Chi) and mind- body practices to veterans as outlined in our accepted and funded Whole Health Partnership Program grant proposal. Services will be provided at the Minneapolis VA, one of its associated branch clinics or at an agreed-upon location in an associated local community. Practitioners offering the services will be trained
according to community and national standards and will be vested as such through the organization managing the contract. Proof of training of all individual practitioners will be provided to the MVAHCS. Services shall be provided in a safe, effective and non-judgmental manner and will take into consideration the individual needs of the recipient.

Description of Service:
  • One single organization will provide practitioners whose training has been fully vested through that organization in a manner acceptable to the MVAHCS for the following clinical services: yoga, Tai Chi or similar movement therapy (equivalent to 0.3 FTE), acupuncture (equivalent to 1.0 FTE), and an integrative nutritionist (equivalent to 0.1 FTE) to offer clinical services to veterans served by the MVAHCS, under the direction of the MVAHCS IHP.
  • Programming will run Monday through Friday, between the hours of 0700-2100, with the exception of 10 Federal Holidays (New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day)
  • Services will be provided in both group and individual sessions, as determined by Veteran and organizational demand. Group sessions will accommodate from 5-35 participants, with the ability to add/drop participants with limited notice.
  • Services will be provided at the Minneapolis VA, one of its associated branch clinics or at a pre- determined location in a local community associated with the main facility or one of its branch clinics.
  • Appointments will be managed (and all associated scheduling needs met) through the IHP clerical support person. Dates and times of recurring appointments will be provided to the contracted organization every 3 months, with a final update provided on the Wednesday of the week prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Contracted practitioners will attend required team meetings at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, as deemed necessary by the IHP Co-Directors. Attendance can be by phone, unless otherwise directed by the IHP Co-directors. Contracted practitioners will be expected to document patient participation and outcomes in the VA Electronic Medical Record.  IH practitioners are expected to share feedback and relevant experience, when appropriate, to foster the growth of the IHP. Practitioners may be asked to complete other additional, related duties by the IHP Co-Directors. Practitioners must also maintain up-to-date trainings that are required by the VHA for all personnel involved in patient care and/or research studies. Training certificates must be given to the IHP, or other appropriate staff within the IHP.
  • Movement therapy practitioners will provide said therapy to Veterans seen in the IHP, unless specified as otherwise by the IHP Co-Directors or associated MVAHCS staff. The movement practitioner should incorporate dynamic postures and offer modifications as needed to serve the Veterans in the session. The style of movement practices will be based upon certification of the practitioner and the discretion of the IHP Co-Directors. The style of movement should be consistent with the guidelines and direction of the IHP. Sessions will be provided on a recurring, weekly basis. The date, time and location of these group sessions  will be determined by the IHP. The movement practitioner is required to follow all VHA guidelines and policies surrounding patient care.
    • Deliverables: The movement practitioners must be present no more than fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of each session, and must create a safe environment of healing and restoration for Veterans. The time allotted should include preparation and introduction to the service. The movement practitioner should also be able to demonstrate an understanding of VHA guidelines and policies, and adhere to guidelines set forth by the IHP.
  • All contracted practitioners will complete clinical notes in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) electronic health record system, known as CPRS. These notes are to be completed at the end of each appointment, unless mitigating circumstances are present. The task much be completed in a timely fashion and should take no more than 30 minutes per group or 15 minutes per individual session. All required medical record documentation shall be completed within 24 hours of seeing the patient, utilizing CPRS, following sessions each day by the practitioners, adhering to VHA policies and guidelines. In addition to required information, the practitioners should note anything of importance as it pertains to the patient's care.

Place of Performance: Services shall be provided on site at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System, One Veterans Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417.
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